Curves International

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Elizabeth Brazell Nichols. She has been a wonderful coach, mentor and friend. But, let me start at the beginning.

We met at a women’s conference about five years ago and immediately struck up a friendship. We met several times the first year building our relationship around mutual interests. I grew to admire her insights and intuitiveness in business issues as well as personal relationships.

About a year after we met, I took a position as Director of Training for the largest women’s fitness franchisee company in the world. As with many new endeavors, this one afforded opportunity to be stretched in many different directions. I found myself challenged by the CEO/Founder whom I reported to directly. I called Elizabeth and hollered for help. Over a two year period she coached and mentored me in my relationship to my superior as well as my presentation skills and management style.

I have now been with the company four years and believe a large measure of my success is due to Elizabeth’s vast knowledge and insightfulness. She helped me see “around myself” and gave me concrete steps of action to apply sound principles of relationships as well as training techniques. I now train around the world and often refer back to conversations she and I had about how to make a difference in people’s lives through good communication skills, best practices of training techniques, management styles, conflict resolution, and much more.

Elizabeth is one of those people you transfer her contact information when you start a new address book. You won’t want to lose touch and you will remember her counsel in the good times as well as the “stretching” ones.


Janell Gilman
Director of Training
Curves International