I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you my first hand knowledge of Elizabeth Brazell Nichols coaching and presentation skills.

My relationship with Ms. Nichols began more than five year ago when I was preparing to interview for the position of dean of health sciences. I had spent many years of being in a faculty role as nursing professor and department chair. I believed I had the prerequisite skills and talents for the position but felt that my undeveloped interview skills and lack of confidence would prevent me from being as competitive as some of the other candidates. This was a high-profile and important position for the college given the college’s strategic direction and the increased demand for new health careers programs and expansion of existing programs. A national search was conducted to attract a rich applicant pool. I needed someone who could help me with my interview and presentation skills. I also,needed someone who could help me feel relaxed and confident during the interview process. Elizabeth demonstrated an extraordinary ability to assess my unique needs and the strategies I should take to be ready for the hiring process. I was very well-prepared and confident. I was offered and accepted the position.

During my five year tenure in that position, Elizabeth continued to work with me. On numerous occasions, she would help me prepare for important presentations. I learned a great deal about making presentations and public speaking from Elizabeth. My presentation skills have improved tremendously. Today, I am very comfortable speaking to a group or having a difficult one-to-one conversation with an individual.

In addition to assisting me to improve my communication skills, Elizabeth, has helped me accomplish more in my life than I thought possible. She has excellent coaching skills. Elizabeth has helped me to be more productive and creative. I have been able to clarify my life’s purpose which has decreased my stress and given me a more positive and satisfying life.

Recently, I made the decision to make a career change. Once again, Elizabeth helped me prepare for the hiring process. I am now working in health care administration and will continue to seek Elizabeth’s coaching skills as I transition to this new role.

I cannot say enough about Elizabeth’s talents and skills. Her insight and interest in people, along with her extraordinary communication skills, distinguish her.


Yvonne VanDyke, RN, MSN
Director, Nursing Education and Professional Development
Seton Healthcare Network