VP, at a top 30 Fortune 500 company

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write this letter of recommendation for Elizabeth as an executive communication coach. Our executive coaching partnership began over 6 years ago, and from a professional perspective this coaching investment has provided me with invaluable returns. Elizabeth’s coaching method was tailored to my needs and followed a phased approach: beginning with basic front of the room communication skills, followed with an inward focus on projecting ones self. And it has continued to evolve and expand to all parts of my professional career and development.

Over the years I have received very expensive training in communications and public speaking. But, most of it only dealt with correcting symptoms without addressing the real problem. Elizabeth’s approach centered on trust, focused listening and adapting to me as a client. Elizabeth’s background in theatre, communications and lessons learned as a minister’s daughter all contributed to an extremely effective coaching style. The results speak for themselves. I have been promoted to VP and have rotated to increasing roles of responsibility in the last six years. The most noted competencies have centered around my communication style and effective influence which are the areas in which Elizabeth has coached me.

As a closing comment, I would like to note that although I have a formal company paid coach where I work, I find that my most valuable professional tool is my coach Elizabeth. This is my personal investment and I highly recommend her to a willing student.


VP, at a top 30 Fortune 500 company