Hawthorne Direct, Inc.

Let me express my sincere thanks for the excellent speech coaching you provided me. I’m sure you receive many positive comments, but for me your insights and recommendations  were especially helpful.

As you know, I often speak before groups as large as 2,000, as many as thirty times per year, both domestically and internationally.  My status as the leading expert in Direct Response TV advertising has been largely built upon my speaking ability. I often get comments about the liveliness and impact of my speeches.

Nonetheless, you revealed to me elements of preparation, organization, style and delivery that I was completely unaware of.  The review of my videotaped speeches was particularly helpful.

And your instruction on relaxation techniques was a lifesaver when I appeared on the NBC “Today” show interview with Katie Couric.

Overall, your perceptiveness of my personal style and needs, and brilliant solutions,  improved my speaking abilities by leaps and bounds.

I am forever indebted to you and would unhesitatingly recommend you to any and all.


Timothy R. Hawthorne
Chairman and Executive Creative Director