Green Enterprises

As an entrepreneur it is imperative that I communicate effectively, persuasively and engagingly.  In today’s high energy and entertaining market, public speakers are challenged to intrigue the crowd as they share their message.  Elizabeth has helped me understand my audience better, connect with them, and win them to my view point all while utilizing my natural style and personality.

Elizabeth has taught me to analyze and understand my audience.  I have noticed a marked difference in my ability to connect with any audience and hold their attention, whether it consists of 3 people or 500.  She encourages me to let my personality shine through and not try to copy someone else’s style.  This has given me more confidence and helps me develop trust with my audience.  Elizabeth has helped me develop power phrases that have maximum impact in shaping the audience’s thoughts.

Elizabeth’s technical understanding of public speaking is amazing, and when coupled with her joyful personality and her ability to offer constructive criticism, she becomes not just a coach, but a friend.

I have also had the opportunity to watch Elizabeth in a variety of speaking engagements and I can attest that she practices what she teaches.

In closing, I would note that I value her coaching so much that I have kept every evaluation over the last four years and review them to keep my skills acute.


Stephen Green
Business Development Entrepreneur