Green Enterprises

As an entrepreneur it is imperative that I communicate effectively, persuasively and engagingly.  In today’s high energy and entertaining market, public speakers are challenged to intrigue the crowd as they share their message.  Elizabeth has helped me understand my audience better, connect with them, and win them to my view point all while utilizing my natural style and personality.

Elizabeth has taught me to analyze and understand my audience.  I have noticed a marked difference in my ability to connect with any audience and hold their attention, whether it consists of 3 people or 500.  She encourages me to let my personality shine through and not try to copy someone else’s style.  This has given me more confidence and helps me develop trust with my audience.  Elizabeth has helped me develop power phrases that have maximum impact in shaping the audience’s thoughts.

Elizabeth’s technical understanding of public speaking is amazing, and when coupled with her joyful personality and her ability to offer constructive criticism, she becomes not just a coach, but a friend.

I have also had the opportunity to watch Elizabeth in a variety of speaking engagements and I can attest that she practices what she teaches.

In closing, I would note that I value her coaching so much that I have kept every evaluation over the last four years and review them to keep my skills acute.


Stephen Green
Business Development Entrepreneur

Dennis McCuistion

Dennis McCuistion

My relationship with Elizabeth Brazell Nichols goes back almost 20 years when I had the privilege of knowing her and her wonderful parents in the National Speakers Association. In the late 1980’s I had the opportunity to host a television talk show on Public Broadcasting. The problem, however, was my voice…specifically my ‘Texas accent’. I contracted with Elizabeth to teach me standard American dialect and to virtually eliminate my Texas accent.

I can’t say enough about not only her knowledge of how to make these changes, but even more importantly her incredible ability to communicate difficult sounding ways of speaking. Her patience was overwhelming, and I have since had the opportunity to observe her working with another important person in my life, my wife.

As a professional speaker and television talk show host for the last 16 years, I can’t say enough about how important the improvement in my communications skills has been. As a former bank CEO, and present Board member of two publicly traded companies, I know once again the importance of communications skills.

One company on whose board I sit has 55,000 employees worldwide with many of those employees operating call centers. There is little doubt that people around the globe could benefit from Elizabeth’s knowledge and expertise. Contact me if there’s any information that you may need.


Dennis McCuistion

Hawthorne Direct, Inc.

Let me express my sincere thanks for the excellent speech coaching you provided me. I’m sure you receive many positive comments, but for me your insights and recommendations  were especially helpful.

As you know, I often speak before groups as large as 2,000, as many as thirty times per year, both domestically and internationally.  My status as the leading expert in Direct Response TV advertising has been largely built upon my speaking ability. I often get comments about the liveliness and impact of my speeches.

Nonetheless, you revealed to me elements of preparation, organization, style and delivery that I was completely unaware of.  The review of my videotaped speeches was particularly helpful.

And your instruction on relaxation techniques was a lifesaver when I appeared on the NBC “Today” show interview with Katie Couric.

Overall, your perceptiveness of my personal style and needs, and brilliant solutions,  improved my speaking abilities by leaps and bounds.

I am forever indebted to you and would unhesitatingly recommend you to any and all.


Timothy R. Hawthorne
Chairman and Executive Creative Director

VP, at a top 30 Fortune 500 company

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write this letter of recommendation for Elizabeth as an executive communication coach. Our executive coaching partnership began over 6 years ago, and from a professional perspective this coaching investment has provided me with invaluable returns. Elizabeth’s coaching method was tailored to my needs and followed a phased approach: beginning with basic front of the room communication skills, followed with an inward focus on projecting ones self. And it has continued to evolve and expand to all parts of my professional career and development.

Over the years I have received very expensive training in communications and public speaking. But, most of it only dealt with correcting symptoms without addressing the real problem. Elizabeth’s approach centered on trust, focused listening and adapting to me as a client. Elizabeth’s background in theatre, communications and lessons learned as a minister’s daughter all contributed to an extremely effective coaching style. The results speak for themselves. I have been promoted to VP and have rotated to increasing roles of responsibility in the last six years. The most noted competencies have centered around my communication style and effective influence which are the areas in which Elizabeth has coached me.

As a closing comment, I would like to note that although I have a formal company paid coach where I work, I find that my most valuable professional tool is my coach Elizabeth. This is my personal investment and I highly recommend her to a willing student.


VP, at a top 30 Fortune 500 company


I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you my first hand knowledge of Elizabeth Brazell Nichols coaching and presentation skills.

My relationship with Ms. Nichols began more than five year ago when I was preparing to interview for the position of dean of health sciences. I had spent many years of being in a faculty role as nursing professor and department chair. I believed I had the prerequisite skills and talents for the position but felt that my undeveloped interview skills and lack of confidence would prevent me from being as competitive as some of the other candidates. This was a high-profile and important position for the college given the college’s strategic direction and the increased demand for new health careers programs and expansion of existing programs. A national search was conducted to attract a rich applicant pool. I needed someone who could help me with my interview and presentation skills. I also,needed someone who could help me feel relaxed and confident during the interview process. Elizabeth demonstrated an extraordinary ability to assess my unique needs and the strategies I should take to be ready for the hiring process. I was very well-prepared and confident. I was offered and accepted the position.

During my five year tenure in that position, Elizabeth continued to work with me. On numerous occasions, she would help me prepare for important presentations. I learned a great deal about making presentations and public speaking from Elizabeth. My presentation skills have improved tremendously. Today, I am very comfortable speaking to a group or having a difficult one-to-one conversation with an individual.

In addition to assisting me to improve my communication skills, Elizabeth, has helped me accomplish more in my life than I thought possible. She has excellent coaching skills. Elizabeth has helped me to be more productive and creative. I have been able to clarify my life’s purpose which has decreased my stress and given me a more positive and satisfying life.

Recently, I made the decision to make a career change. Once again, Elizabeth helped me prepare for the hiring process. I am now working in health care administration and will continue to seek Elizabeth’s coaching skills as I transition to this new role.

I cannot say enough about Elizabeth’s talents and skills. Her insight and interest in people, along with her extraordinary communication skills, distinguish her.


Yvonne VanDyke, RN, MSN
Director, Nursing Education and Professional Development
Seton Healthcare Network

Curves International

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Elizabeth Brazell Nichols. She has been a wonderful coach, mentor and friend. But, let me start at the beginning.

We met at a women’s conference about five years ago and immediately struck up a friendship. We met several times the first year building our relationship around mutual interests. I grew to admire her insights and intuitiveness in business issues as well as personal relationships.

About a year after we met, I took a position as Director of Training for the largest women’s fitness franchisee company in the world. As with many new endeavors, this one afforded opportunity to be stretched in many different directions. I found myself challenged by the CEO/Founder whom I reported to directly. I called Elizabeth and hollered for help. Over a two year period she coached and mentored me in my relationship to my superior as well as my presentation skills and management style.

I have now been with the company four years and believe a large measure of my success is due to Elizabeth’s vast knowledge and insightfulness. She helped me see “around myself” and gave me concrete steps of action to apply sound principles of relationships as well as training techniques. I now train around the world and often refer back to conversations she and I had about how to make a difference in people’s lives through good communication skills, best practices of training techniques, management styles, conflict resolution, and much more.

Elizabeth is one of those people you transfer her contact information when you start a new address book. You won’t want to lose touch and you will remember her counsel in the good times as well as the “stretching” ones.


Janell Gilman
Director of Training
Curves International