Communication Training Programs

Accent Reduction: Standard American Dialect Program (SM)

Twenty five years experience has taught us to first focus on changing the pitch and rhythm pattern characteristic of “foreign” style English. We then substitute a learnable yet American sounding pattern of pitch movement and speech flow. The result is phenomenal! (6-9 weeks)

Public Presentations: Polishing for Power (SM)

Express with polish and power the true essence of who you are! Build confidence, self-assurance and spontaneity. Receive personal “Pointers for Polishing” (SM) from your own professional presentation coach to create powerful presentations. (2-3 hour workshop)

Communication: Charm Your Listener with the Magical Power of Voice

The voice is the instrument through which we play the symphony of our life. Learn six techniques to use the natural qualities of your voice to charm and motivate your audience with true magic. (30 min – 3 hours workshop)

World Class Executive Presentations: Breakthrough into Brilliance (SM)

Current trends demand executives be world class presenters. This program polishes the talents essential for career advancement. (3 hour or 1-3 day workshop)

“The single most promotable skill in business today is the ability to communicate verbally.”

Harvard Business Review