Executive Coaching

For corporate and association leaders

Coaching Description

Beyond reshaping content or refining style, this method of one-on-one coaching transforms the individual.  Elizabeth begins with who you are and walks you through the journey to advance beyond personal limitations in both interpersonal and public speaking.

There are no pre-defined formulas or checklists.  Elizabeth’s innate ability to isolate key elements within her client’s world allows her to guide this transformation.  Stepping beyond presentation basics she moves her clients into increasing levels of achievement.  This process substantially creates the power and influence characteristic of effective communicators.

Speaking the Standard American Dialect is also one of her most effective coaching programs. It especially benefits leaders desiring accent reduction.

With over 700 performances on TV, radio, film and stage Elizabeth can help increase your confidence and prepare you for media appearances or critical presentations.

Documented results show that just a few hours with Elizabeth can increase presentation effectiveness up to 125%.

Client Quotes

“Elizabeth helped me see ‘around myself’ and gave me concrete steps of action.”
Janell Gilman, International Training Director, Curves International

“Elizabeth demonstrated an extraordinary ability to assess my unique needs and the strategies I should take… Her insight and interest in people, along with her extraordinary communication skills, distinguish her.”
Yvonne VanDyke, RN, MSN, V.P. of Seton Nursing Education and Administrator of the Clinical Education Center at Brackenridge

“Overall, [Elizabeth’s] perceptiveness of my personal style and needs, and brilliant solutions, improved my speaking abilities by leaps and bounds.
Timothy R. Hawthorne, Chairman & Executive Creative Director, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. 

(For additional client feedback refer to “What Clients Say” and reference letters)


Client will discover:

  • Insights into effectively maneuvering within their business environment
  • Understanding of the personal principals shaping their actions
  • The changes necessary to move beyond their present limitations


Because each coaching session is based on each client’s current experiences and challenges, topics can vary from onsite presentations to preparing for an interview with Katie Couric. Elizabeth’s coaching techniques transform communication from the board room to the court room to the stadium whether in Austin or Australia.


  • Effectiveness under pressure
  • Confidence in any environment
  • Proficiency in defining direction
  • Success in expanding influence


Client receives coaching in person and by phone.  Confidential instruction and follow-up coaching secures the client’s new skills.  This insures the financial investment is not lost from lack of application.

Who is Eligible

Executives and Directors with previous speaking experience who want to hone and advance their communication skills in all areas of life.


3 hours: minimum (two 1 ½ hour sessions)

Elizabeth coaches in person and by telephone.
Video taping can be utilized as requested.

Each segment of the coaching is customized to meet client’s individual needs.